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About me

Web developer in the making

Hi! My name is Camilla, and I have a background in Multimedia Design (AP programme from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, KEA) and a PBA in Web Development (from Zealand, Roskilde).

This page is a compilation of projects that display what I’ve learned through my education, mainly from the Multimedia Designer education. As you might see from my projects, I am very focused on coding, though I have acquired a wide range of skills, with everything between design, marketing and coding.

I especially enjoy the programming part with JavaScript and have created my last few projects in Vue.js.

👍 What I know...

Areas I am rather confident in:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Vue.js
  • Adobe XD
  • Shopify Storefront API
  • Wordpress Rest API

🤷 What I kind of know...

Areas I have basic knowledge of:

  • Angular 2+
  • MySQL
  • Adobe InDesign
  • UX
  • Social Media Management
  • Photography

💡 What I would like to know...

Areas I would love to work with:

  • Front end
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • JavaScript
  • Back end
  • Writing


Main coding projects

These are my main coding projects.
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Gift-building website

For my final exam on KEA, I chose to create a new website for the company BEMY. BEMY sells personalised gifts, and I wanted to create a website where the user would be able to builds complete gifts, e.g. for their bridesmaids, in a system that would keep each gift separate, instead of just shoving all products into one cart.

This project was made in Vue.js with Shopify Storefront API as back end. It took a lot of work to make everything work together, since the user would have many possibilities on the website; selecting different options for their products, writing texts themselves, creating separate gifts, duplicating gifts etc. It became a complex system, but I believe I managed to get all features I wanted into the website.

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Keywords | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Vue.js | Adobe XD | User testing | General research
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World Games

This was the exam project for our 3rd semester subject, Front End Development. The assignment was to create a landing page for a gaming/gambling website, with a game to catch the user’s attention.

My main area in this project has been the programming of the game itself in the middle of the website (I haven’t made any graphics on the site). This is a slots game, of which the purpose is that the player can win coins to use on the “real” money based games after creating a user.

This had two big parts to it; the visual side, where the “wheels” had to look realistic and spin well; and the back end of the machine, where it should be able to hold wheels, check if the player has won etc. With all this, I have made it very dynamic so it is easy to add another wheel, change the symbols on each wheel etc.

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Keywords | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | User testing
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The GameBreakers intro

This short clip was made only with SVG animation in CSS and JavaScript and small video clips animated in.

For this project, I have done the coding while my other group member has done the drawings in Illustrator.

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Keywords | HTML | CSS | JavaScript
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Lars Jon

This website was made for the client, Florist Lars Jon Flower Studio, as part of my 2. semester group exam. The project itself was an all-around project, including market analysis, user testing, video editing and building the website from scratch. I have made big parts of both the design and the website itself, which is based on WordPress Rest API as back end.

In terms of design, we wanted to create a “masculine” design to balance the website in an industry that is considered very feminine.

As for the website itself, we were very focused on making the website as dynamic as possible, making it possible for the client to both add and remove content without having to go into the code.

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Keywords | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Wordpress | Adobe XD | General research
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Hogwarts Student List

The focus of this solo project was to further my JavaScript skills. While I had already worked with loops, templates and filtering/sorting i JavaScript, this student list needed more ways of filtering, updating statuses of the students, adding additional information from a seperate json and several more tweaks that made the final list. Other than just meeting the requirements of the assignment, I also used this as an opportunity to practice separation of concerns, splitting the code into more functions and properly return functions.

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Keywords | HTML | CSS | JavaScript
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Sweet Dreams

This solo project was all about making a game, and it was my first time working with both Illustrator and JavaScript. While I didn’t focus much on the animations in the game, I was very focused on making the game work as supposed, including the points, timer and “lives” in the game. I also spend a lot of time on the illustrations, making sure that the design is consistent and fits the mood of the game.

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Keywords | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Illustrator
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Skal vi snakke?

This group project was about making a game for Sex & Samfund (Sex & Society), with focus on illegal image sharing and their platform “PrivatSnak” (“PrivateTalk”). In our idea generation, we wanted to focus on talking about tough topics, and use that as a springboard to visiting “PrivatSnak”, where you seek advice anonymously.

I was almost all-round on this project, working a lot on both the idea generation, sketching and coding. The only thing I did not touch was the final graphics of the game.

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Keywords | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Content writing
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This was our first project focusing on a functional website for a real client.

The project had two main parts; first off, we did a lot of user testing and card sorting, to be able to make a better and more user friendly interface. Then we created the website with WordPress Rest API as back end, trying to also make it as user friendly as possible for the admins behind it that would use it.

In the group project, I was focusing on the code and wrote most of it. My own personal focus was especially making it ad dynamic as possible, so that the user would be able to create and remove content without having to go into the code itself.

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Keywords | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Wordpress | User testing
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Lejos de Mexico

For this solo project, I was going to create the logo, design and website for a made-up restaurant. This project was much about the design- and testing-process, but it was also the first time I really tried working with json-files and CSS grid.

For this website, I also made my first attempt at a WordPress version with a standard theme. This was only done on a single day and didn’t exactly match my original site, but I did get a little experience with WordPress.

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Keywords | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Wordpress | Illustrator
Visit our re-design of Ingolfs Kaffebar

Ingolfs Kaffebar

This is a re-design of a website for the restaurant Ingolfs Kaffebar. Ingolfs Kaffebar’s current website is pink and very flashy, which we wanted to keep, but with a more user-friendly design.

I wrote most of the code for this website, which was made only with HTML and CSS, and mainly flexbox. It was one of my first projects, so the result is quite limited, though we did end up with something acceptable. Other than the website itself, we also made the video presented on the website and have also taken most of the images ourselves.

(The website is password protected: Username and Password are both “kea”)

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Keywords | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Photoshop | Premiere Pro | DSLR

Other relevant projects

These are other projects, where coding hasn't been the main focus.
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Writing, translation and transcription

In my job at FirstAgenda, I am translating articles from Danish to English.

I have also worked as a secretary in a law firm in Oxford, UK (Family First Solicitors), where I was mainly transcribing from dictations. This means that I am fluent in both Danish and English and generally have a wide experience in different areas of writing.

Keywords | Content writing | Translation | Transcription
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Husk Kronen

The goal of this project was to create a campaign for “Rådet for Sikker Trafik” – an organisation promoting traffic safety. The campaign was to be focused on 60+ cyclists, and our group chose to focus on remembering to wear a helmet. We named our campaign “Remember your crown”.

The main focus was the campaign video, and to create this, we made researched and analysed the data given by the organisation. Other parts of the project included making graphics and interactive elements (in our case, a quiz) for a potential website, and social media content.

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Keywords | General research | DSLR
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In this project, we were asked to come up with an idea for an app that would make life easier for students. We decided to create an app where students could ask for help with school projects, where they would both be in queue to get help from a teacher, and at the same time be able to get help from other students.

This project was very time limited, so we only made an XD-prototype. The focus was to find out which functionalities would be necessary, and how things should be structured for all students to be able to get the most out of the app.

View documentation (pages 20-38)
Keywords | Adobe XD | User testing
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The New Fronter

In this group project, we were asked to create a new design and interface for Fronter (our school platform). This project was split in two; in the first part, we worked alone with a large portion of user testing, site map for the current site etc. In the second part, we worked together as a group, still with focus on UX and creating a better interface that could fix the problems we found in our research phase.

We only made the prototype functional for phone.

Visit the website (mobile only) View documentation (page 3-19)
Keywords | HTML | CSS | Adobe XD | User testing
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Cosplay Interview

As a small content creation project, we got an assignment to create an interview video about a passion, and my group chose to interview a cosplayer. We chose to focus on getting her story about how she got into cosplaying. why she likes it etc.

We filmed the interview and B-rolls together, but each edited our own version of the interview. In my video, I tried to show off her costume and the details of it, along with some clips she gave us from her performances on stage.

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Keywords | Premiere Pro | DSLR
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Pink is the new Black

In our intro week at KEA, we were to make an introduction video for our group, based on a series intro. We chose Orange is the new Black, and as an all-girls group, we decided to make our own pink and “girly” version of the video.

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Keywords | Premiere Pro


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